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Introducing the New Hagie AirScout Sprayer

The Future of Farming

Hagie and AirScout have partnered to build a customized “AirScout Edition” of the Hagie STS16 Sprayer. This machine uses AirScout thermal and ADVI (advanced digital vegetation index) imagery and uses AirScout's online tools to build precise prescription maps, which, in turn, will communicate with the Hagie machine, utilizing Raven’s Slingshot® wireless tool.


The 360 Yield Center’s “Undercover” device and “Y-Drop” devices will be used to deliver applications exactly where needed, based on multiple zones the user may specify using the tools on our website.


The Hagie AirScout Edition is heading on a tour of the Midwest in mid-June. The tour begins in Nebraska and stops at points in Iowa and Illinois, as shown below, and you’re invited to stop by.

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The Magic

The Magic


Recent Activity

Airscout's very own Dan Sutton was featured in the March Edition of The Progressive Farmer, explaining the evolution of Airscout and the industry's latest technologies.


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